On Hierarchy II

Are echelons of authority (misnomer: hierarchy) un-anarchistic? While I think it’s reasonable to predict that there will be fewer associations organized in an echelonical manner in a free society than under a culture of statism, the prevalence of echelony is evidence that it’s an efficient and sometimes necessary form of organization. Can a movie or play be made without actors obeying directors, and directors obeying producers? Can a sports game by played without players obeying referees and coaches? Can people’s medical needs be met without medical assistants obeying nurses, and nurses obeying doctors, and doctors obeying medical principles? I have serious doubts that any of these endeavors – and more – can be successful without echelonical organization. If anarchism requires the dissolution of these forms of organization, then anarchy will be, at least, boring and painful. No thank you. And that’s today’s two cents.