On Harry Potter

As I have now finished six of the seven Harry Potter books, and am well into the last, I thought I’d remark on two themes that made me smile, one major and one minor. The minor theme that I very much enjoyed was seeing Fred and George Weasley drop out of school and start their own business. All youth should do likewise, perhaps not to start a business, but to do whatever they want to do. I very much support that. The major theme that tickled my fancy was the ineptitude and corruptibility of the Ministry of Magic. As a governmental organization, I was very pleased to see it fail again and again, each time showed up by non-governmental actors. The greatest threat to everyone is battled not by collectives in uniforms, but rather individuals and private orders. I don’t know if J. K. Rowling leans libertarian or not, but she sure writes like one. And that’s today’s two cents.