On Gender Expression III

If we are to categorize gender expression as genders, then there aren’t 2 genders, or even 70 genders, but 7.53 billion genders, and counting. Every person on earth has a gender and expresses it in a unique way. Therefore it follows that every unique expression by every person on earth is its own gender. At some point it becomes absurd to count genders, maybe for you its past 20, and for me it’s past 2, and for that person over there, 500. I don’t know, we all have our preferences here. Are my preferences any less valid than yours? Perhaps the gender recognition preference of 2 is just a part of my gender. What am I saying? Of course it is! I am a unique gender, after all. As are you. You may have a unique display of biologically similar-to-mine genitalia, but you too are a unique gender. Let’s celebrate our diversity! And that’s today’s two cents.