On Gender Expression II

I hold no issue with or bigotry toward anyone expressing themselves however they see fit. I think it’s important that each of us find a way to be comfortable in our own skin. You do you, and I’ll do me. Human expression is beautifully diverse. I also think it’s important that each of us are honest with ourselves and others about what we are. Unfortunately, what I see when I look at the gender expression debate is equal parts tragedy and absurdity. The tragedies are that anyone suffers gender dysphoria and that the language used in the debate tends toward confusion and/or equivocation. The absurdities are the expectation that anyone can or should remember and give verbal usage of 70+ genders, and their accompanying pronouns, and that because people can’t make peace with who they are on a biological level, they demand that others share in their delusions. And that’s today’s two cents.