On Facemasks

I’m not currently wearing a facemask when outside my house, working and what not, nor do I plan on doing so. For me, it’s quite selfish and I may be a murderous asshole for it, but I don’t think so. I simply don’t like wearing a mask, and don’t believe that I must. As long as existing and doing my work flows smoothly, I’ll continue not wearing a facemask. I’m certainly getting looks and snears as I go in and out of restaurants picking up food. In fact, it’s been an interesting exercise in experiencing being someone that others dislike. Is this what it’s like being “the other” and looked at through bigoted eyes? Perhaps, but I’m sure I haven’t experienced anything too close to what unfavored groups have experienced today and in the past. In any event, if you don’t like that I’m not covering my face, simply keep your distance. It’s not difficult, and that’s today’s two cents.