On Collectives

“Countries,” “nations,” “governments,” “businesses,” as collectives, cannot perform actions. Only individuals can perform actions. When a government is collecting taxes, what is actually happening is certain individuals are demanding that other certain individuals pay them their “dues” or else either they are other certain individuals will use force to either extract payment or cage the certain individuals refusing to make payment. When one nation is threatening another nation with war, what is actually happening is certain individuals are threatening other certain individuals with violence if they or those who claim to be their “government” don’t perform some action. Individual people are responsible for their own actions. Invading a country because certain individuals within that country threatened you and the rest of your country, thereby bringing destruction to the lives and property of those who never threatened anyone is mass murder and mass theft. Certain individuals who call themselves “government” are continually bringing mass murder and mass theft to certain innocent individuals, all around the world. In my opinion, that is immoral, wrong, and evil, and part of why war creates only losers. And that’s today’s two cents.