On Christmas

As I am no longer religious, I see no reason to continue celebrating the Christmas holiday. In fact, every year my weariness of the obligations that Christmas requires grows deeper. If I had my way, there would be no Christmas in my house. But my way would cost me dearly, and for that it is as if I am in a cultural cage, unable to fully actualize my will due to the familial forces that surround me. Alas, if enduring Christmas is the least tolerable of cultural cages in which I find myself, I should count my blessings. Things could be much, much worse as far as cultural cages go. I joyfully rant against the state, merrily give my children true freedom, and outside of this holiday engage in the activities that I prefer, like shooting guns and working with autonomy, with jolly satisfaction. I guess I’ll say it: Happy Holidays! And that’s today’s two cents.