On “Check Your Privilege”

Are we setting our children up to be shamed for their “privilege”? Relative to most kids, my children have the privilege of not being spanked or schooled. They have the privilege of controlling their own lives, everything from media use to food to sleep. They have the privilege of learning two languages and two cultures. They have the privilege of two parents who are madly in love with each other. The have the privilege of close connections with extended family members. They have the privilege of having all of their basic human rights respected by their parents. They have the privilege of parents who find cooperative ways to get them both what they need and what they want. Will I ever shame them for their privilege, tell them to “check” it? (Whatever the hell that means.) No. They deserve the privileges they have. Everyone else does, too. And I hope some day they either get them, or give them. I didn’t enjoy the privileges my kids do, but that’s no reason not to offer them. Nor is it a reason to bring others down who’ve been more privileged than I. And that’s today’s two cents.