On Borders

The moment a group of people who call themselves “government” enforce their arbitrary border around their supposed jurisdiction is the moment they begin central planning who may live where and who may trade with who. Any libertarian versed in economics can tell you the likely disastrous effects of centrally planning the economic decisions of others. Among other problems is that which is described by Ludwig von Mises when he argued and showed that central planning intervention begets more intervention. The Welfare State is one such central planning intervention, and the problem of immigrants exploiting their new home’s Welfare State seemingly requires yet more central planning intervention. Should libertarians be cheerleading the central planning of arbitrary borders and Welfare State management? Or should libertarians be educating others on the disastrous and inhumane effects of central planning any economic decision made by other people, and calling for its abolition? If you’re going to be loud on policy as a libertarian, please for the love of your liberty do not pretend that your advocacy for central planning is anything less than giving your arsenal to the enemy and begging them to use it wisely. And that’s today’s two cents.