On Borders II

Government borders on a map were drawn arbitrarily as a result of violent conquest by people who make a living from robbing and murdering others. Should these sorts of borders be afforded any respect by people who claim as values peace, liberty, and justice? Only in the sense of risk mitigation. Otherwise, no, they are imaginary and represent most of what is wrong in the world today. They, like the criminal organizations that created them, should all be abolished. To pray, plea, and beg for these thugs to double-down on their encroachments in order to strengthen their borders in order to “pwotect us fwum thu scawy bwown peeple” that are only dying (literally) to get in due to these same thugs’ machinations is to be incredibly naive and and an ignorant halfwit at best. You are a goddamned fool to expect criminals to have your best interest at heart. And that’s today’s two cents.