On Antinatalism II

I recently discussed antinatalism, the belief that it is morally wrong to procreate. While I do not consider myself an antinatalist on the grounds that it is always morally wrong to procreate, I would caution would-be parents not to procreate under several specific circumstances. Those circumstances are when there is virtually a guarantee that their child will be traumatized. The first circumstance that qualifies are when one or both of the parents have not yet dealt with their own childhood trauma. Broken parents do not make good parents if being a good parent means not repeating the cycle of trauma. Other circumstances that qualify include parents held hostage by a Communist regime, parents in bondage, and parents who live in an area guaranteed to be bombed by predator drones. It just seems both foolish and cruel to bring a child into this world under these sorts of circumstances. And that’s today’s two cents.