No Reverence and No Honor

Well over two hundred years ago, a few people scribbled some ink on some parchment, and pretended that that gave some people the moral right to demand money, under threat of force, from lots of other people (U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 1).

Today, a completely different set of thieves continually rob a completely different set of victims–several hundred million of them, in fact. And ALL of the supposed justification for that extortion still comes from that little bit of ink scrawled on that stupid piece of parchment. Even though none of the people alive today had anything to do with that, or had any choice in the matter. No one today signed it, or consented to any of it.

And today we’re supposed to revere and honor that piece of parchment.

Um, no. Stupid cult beliefs and rituals which pretend to bestow the right to rule upon mere mortals deserve no reverence and no honor. Ever.