We Need More People Like David Friedman

I generally hate people who proclaim to love humanity, and I generally love people who say they love people.

I listened to a speech by David Friedman years ago that was a good speech. However, he did one of the most endearing things I could imagine at the end of his speech. He asked for a ride home. He said something to the effect of, “I am heading back to X community, if anyone is going in that direction, I’d love a ride home. I can take the train, but I would much prefer the conversation of someone going in the same direction.”

This is a man who is a prominent libertarian figure asking a ride from anyone going in that direction. This guy loves people. After I heard this, I fell in love with David Friedman (of course, it doesn’t hurt that he is a libertarian anarchist who unschooled his kids).

So many people who proclaim to love humanity hate people. They love their romanticized ideal of what humanity is. However, they have disdain for regular people. I hate people like that. We need more people like David Friedman.