My Purchase From Amazon with Bitcoins

I thought I’d share my experience with a brand new, innovative and enterprising website: BitSpend.net. The website’s goal is to facilitate purchases anywhere on the Internet using bitcoins as painless as possible. About 6 months ago, I acquired 1 bitcoin. Then, it was worth around $10 or so. I hadn’t thought much of it until I got word about BitSpend.net last week. By then, my 1 bitcoin was trading around $46, so I decided to take the risk on this start-up and placed an order. They emailed me an invoice with their payment address and my total, so I sent them the required funds ($29.30 plus $2 bitspend.net fee, converted to the bitcoin amount of 0.6683415 using Mt.Gox’s weighted average at the time of $46.83~). They placed my order on Amazon with 2-day Prime shipping, and voila! it just arrived:

At this point, they’ve streamlined their order process and I’ll be ordering one or two more items from Amazon with the rest of my bitcoin. After all, it was a pretty cool experience and I hope you’ll check them out. They even included a gift receipt, I assume, for easy returns. I was curious how they’d handle that sort of thing. Also, that top book’s title is how I’m feeling having now used bitcoins.

Update 11/13: This service seems to be discontinued. Too bad.