Maybe Cops Aren’t a Disease

Cops are not the problem; cops are a symptom.

That doesn’t mean it’s OK to celebrate symptoms. They still need to be addressed (and eliminated*, ideally).

Often it’s not the disease that kills you, it’s the symptoms. That’s even the case with something like rabies. This is also true of statism.

It’s already clear statism is a fatal disease, not so much because of the statism itself, but because of the symptoms. They are what kills. And cops, along with troops and other terrorists, are the most deadly symptom.

If not for people depraved enough to enforce The State against others, the disease of statism wouldn’t be as likely to be fatal.

The symptoms need to be addressed.

*If you believe killing them is the only way to eliminate cops, you seem to be saying cops can’t reason their way out of evil, that they have no ethical principles worth anything, and nothing will stop people from continuing to show up and do the nasty, scummy “job” of policing.