Marriage Equality and The State

Writes Pete Earle:

Of course, every individual should be free to marry anyone – or as many other people – they want, on whatever basis they freely and mutually decide upon; they only need answer to themselves. Part and parcel to that, of course, is that no individual, group, or firm should be obligated to support anyone else’s union or any particular type of union that they choose not to: that includes hiring decisions, community inclusion, and the use of their tax dollars.

Private contract more than adequately facilitates the former; strictly upheld private property rights ensure the latter.

In other words, true marriage equality is only brought about by completely evicting the state from every aspect of marriage: defining it, upholding it, or enforcing it.

The only thing that a government should be allowed to do is oversee, whether purposely or as the inevitable result of its diseconomic, disfunctional basis, is coordinate its own decay – a task they’ve proven more than adept at.

I wholeheartedly endorse this message.