Make Waves

If you’re passionate about something, and you can’t motivate yourself to take that first step, then your first step is probably too big.

If you love running, for instance, and you’re struggling to get back into a steady routine, don’t make it an all or nothing enterprise by pressuring yourself to run five miles right out of the gate.

Reduce the action steps you need to take to the tiniest amount you can think of. Make it ridiculously easy for yourself to start. Find an amount you know you can do. Then cut that in half. Then shave off a little more. Then try that.

Small first steps will incrementally and inevitably give rise to big waves of momentum. Then you can ride those waves to new heights of creative inspiration and expression.

Don’t invest in your goals. That’s way too overwhelming. Invest in the process of building momentum. Then you can let the momentum carry you through the uninspired days.