Life is Shit and Rainbows

I don’t remember where I first saw that picture of a happy pile of shit sliding down a rainbow, but it was around a year ago. It spoke to me, so I made it my cover photo on Facebook. I’ve since added it Twitter and Google+.

One of my projects this past week was to update¬†my personal website. I moved it to WordPress from Blogger and decided to keep it simple. I’d have only external links to various things that are a part of my life.

Front and center, however, I decided to use this shit and rainbow picture and make my site tagline, “Life is shit and rainbows.”

My kids love the picture also, as does my wife, but she was curious what it meant to me.

I think anyone alive can relate to this picture and my tagline. Life is indeed shit and rainbows. Maybe for some people, it’s mostly shit, and for others, it’s mostly rainbows. But I defy anyone to show me a person whose life did not contain both, however brief it may have been.

With the right attitude, rainbows are in store for everyone. It may be difficult finding them, but they’re there.