Liars First

Nobody asked but …

I cannot address one group of liars without seeming to exonerate another.  But, guess what?  Politicians are 100% liars while the media are only perhaps 95% liars (a couple of sports reporters get a pass, but I don’t know who they are).  In any event, if I rage too loudly against the fourth estate, someone will gravely, mistakenly assume that I am in favor of politicians’ lies.

Not so.  But at the risk of being misconstrued, the best of the media are mediocre.

This morning, I heard a BBC report, wherein an American journalist was being interviewed about the weather in New York City.  This was a fever pitch affair, for there has never before been snow and cold in NYC — right?

But the interview had not gone past a half dozen questions before the Brit wanted to know to what the Yank attributed “this unusual weather pattern?”  Snow and cold in January in NYC constitutes an unusual weather pattern — this just in.

The Brit was of course fishing for a climate change lead, and bloody right, he got it.  Next thing we know, we will have ticks in Tennessee (ht to the late, great Criswell making New Year predictions on the Johnny Carson Show).

— Kilgore Forelle