Are Leftists Just Opposed to Work?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for work either, other than writing the occasional obscure blog post, but with a preferred property rule centered on the idea that they may take what belongs to others, that would seem to suggest a major opposition to working themselves for the resources they need.

You see it not only in left anarchist philosophical work, but also in your everyday social democrat and progressive rhetoric. They demand free stuff from the hard work of others, ie. food, health-care, housing, etc.

They can’t be stupid enough to believe these things just appear out of the ether and some of the more enterprising among the human race are hogging it all for themselves, can they? However a resource is converted into something useful for humanity, it took work, labor, be it of the mind or of the body, to make it that way.

Who the hell are they to demand that it be given to them free of charge? That’s not just an opposition to work, it speaks to a very deeply rooted greedy nature. What a dastardly rhetorical trick they’ve pulled calling non-leftists greedy.

Not to say that we don’t all want free stuff, just not at the point of a gun, I hope.