Justifying Present Crimes By Pointing to Past Crimes?

If someone was in the process of trying to steal your wallet, right now, which would be more likely to be the focus of your thoughts, words and actions: 1) the guy stealing your wallet right now, or; 2) some other guy who a while ago stole your TV?

So if someone bashes the authoritarian megalomaniac who sits on the political throne right now, and who is overseeing evil statist domination happening¬†right now, why would your response be to bitch about how bad some other politician was–someone who now has no power and is doing and overseeing nothing?

I’ll tell you why some people respond that way: because they were clueless dupes who fell for the latest spin on the same old political divide-and-conquer bullshit, and now they would rather display just how deep their Stockholm Syndrome goes, than admit that “their” politician of choice is just another malicious crook.

The road to not¬†being a useful idiot inadvertently empowering and enriching political parasites … begins with acknowledging your mistake. Any more Trumpites ready to put down the Kool-Aid yet?