Jump Right to Anarchy

“We can’t just jump right to anarchy, so we should gradually reduce the size and scope of government through the political process, one step at a time.”

Aside from the inherent immorality of advocating “slavery lite,” even temporarily, there’s another problem with that theory.

It doesn’t ever happen.

You have no power to slowly shrink the state. You have no power to even keep the state the same size it is now. Stop pretending that you control the state. To talk as if the people can or will slowly reduce the power of the ruling class is completely delusional.

So let’s play a game. If you’re one of those supposedly “practical” and “realistic” pseudo-libertarians pushing for a political solution, name one time, anywhere on Earth, at any time in history, where political action gradually reduced an authoritarian empire down to nothing. And then I will name a time when disobedience¬†and resistance¬†have ended an authoritarian regime’s reign.

Ready, go.