How Strong Are Your Principles?

Much of human history is comprised of people bitching and moaning about one tyrant, only to cheer for another–suffering under one form of oppression for years and years, only to replace it with a slightly different flavor of authoritarian collectivism.

What is really sad is when people who before could see and describe that pattern, turn around and fall for it. When a swindler shows you a trick, and explains to you how it works, and later you stillĀ fall for it, what hope is there for you?

Those supposed “anarchists” who before preached non-aggression and voluntaryism, and who explained how silly and immoral voting is, and who explained why the political process is a rigged game built by and for the control freaks, but who then turned around and got swept up in the Trump movement, are going to be hard to take seriously, even for a long, long time after this particular megalomaniac is gone from the throne.