Greatness is Rightful Action in Trying Times

Nothing is ever stable. Without warning, life demands us to go beyond what we think we can do. These moments test us. We cower away from the strangeness of the new demands, or we prove our worth by acting. Whether we fail or succeed in these spontaneous exams is no matter. What matters is that we are elevated to something better than we were before.

Prepare your mind to evaluate extraordinary situations with rapidity. You cannot get lost in the surprise of a new situation. The outcome is dependent on the actions you will take in the face of unfamiliar stimuli. Foreign feelings are the antagonist to action. Make the untried feel familiar before success ever depends on it.

Equip your body to act rightfully, without hesitation, when right action without hesitation is required. Your constitution is a tool which must be honed to be useful. You define the uses you desire. You shape yourself accordingly. Whatever your natural endowments or failings, all your values are inconsequential without action.

Action is the only way for values to enter the tangible world. Make your values tangible when circumstances demand your activity. Cement your principles as instinctual elements of your operation, flowing thoughtlessly from core to physical extremities. Your hands become instruments for what you believe, without unnecessary intermediaries. You do what must because you must.

All new knowledge passes first through the doors of the conscious mind if it is to become an unconscious part of your sustained being. Whatever is on the shelves of the library in your head requires mental effort to access and implement. There is always delay. You hesitate because you aren’t 100% sure of what you know. You lack the automatic acceptance of all the certainties you take for granted. You forget that every part of your experience was once foreign before it became invisible through familiarity.

As the owner of a powerful mind, you can simulate the effects of extreme circumstances before they ever become real. You can mimic sensory data in the playground of your imagination, testing your will to respond. Consciously introduce what you know to be important to your development, no matter how intimidating it seems to your present self. Slowly, you will begin the automatic process of integrating these new ideas with your daily actions.

You have become someone new when your principles transition to the unconscious portion of your mind’s archives. Then, you act from nature and instinct when others waiver in confusion. When an emergency arises from the randomness of your encounters, you will perceive it as familiar and manageable. It is territory you have walked a thousand times before on your inner journey. You will feel the right way to act, and you will act with all that you are.

Evolution always culminates in the physical changes materialized. Act on your changes or lose them forever.