Free Children

Writes Free Your Kids:

Our “free” children do not run wild. They don’t run the house. We do not live in chaos. We do have rules in our house, but they derive from one basic premise: do what you wish so long as you’re not harming another.

Hitting someone won’t be tolerated. Breaking an agreement is unacceptable. Using someone else’s property without their consent is wrong. This applies to all of us, parents included.

Our job – as parents – is to guide them. To facilitate their learning. To love them. To teach them – through our actions – the behaviors we wish to see emulated. Our job is not to run their lives. We do not want to control them. We do not require obedience. They are in charge of their lives, not us.

If we are protect our liberties, it must start at home, with our children. They must experience it before they will value it. The state knows this, hence their efforts to destroy the family with the Welfare State, and childhood with schooling.