A Foreign Policy of Holding Innocent People Hostage

“Show of force” type practices by people calling themselves “government” toward other people calling themselves “government” that necessarily threaten innocent third parties is a form of hostage holding.

When American people calling themselves “government” threatened to drop atomic bombs on Japan for the actions of Japanese people calling themselves “government,” they held innocent third party Japanese people hostage. This action differed only in scale and not in kind to a local bad guy holding an innocent person hostage. The bombs were eventually dropped, too, if you remember.

“If you do what we don’t like, we’ll kill innocent people in our misguided attempt to stop you” is what “show of force” type practices amount to.

Didn’t that happen in Waco, Texas, which ultimately had some people murdering many other innocent third parties? Where’s the outrage, the criminal charges, the lifetime sentences to prison and/or executions for such a horrific act?

Why have we been hoodwinked to accept murder and mayhem by those calling themselves “government” instead of viewing these acts as the evil that they are?