Faith and Force

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“Faith means belief without evidence or reason, or in spite of evidence to the contrary. There is no way to reason with someone acting out of faith; there is no fact that one can reference to refute a premise sprung from faith. That’s why faith begets violence; there can be no reconciling with a belligerent [person] acting on the basis of his faith.” – Nicholas Provenzo [Italics mine]

The reason why faith begets violence is because when belief without reason is considered just as valid as reason, it brings all rational conversation to a dead halt, which can cause frustration and anger leading to physical conflict. Against faith there is no reason to attempt persuasion. It’s like trying to administer medicine to the dead.

A big problem with insisting that faith leads to force is that most people of faith will deny that they espouse force. However, they don’t recognize the true nature of force, especially when they vote. They faithfully believe that their vote is an attempt to humanely institute peaceful methods of organizing society. They equate the vote with voluntarism, which is absurd. They don’t recognize that their vote is coercing someone else into doing something against their will or not doing something they prefer to do because it’s forbidden.

It can be demonstrated that the progressives of today (and even many conservatives) base their beliefs on faith. Try conversing with progressives (and many conservatives) and see if they offer any valid arguments for their positions. All of the progressive’s arguments are emotional, while the conservatives use spurious reasoning to sustain their positions. (See my previous article, “The Liberal Mind vs. The Conservative Mind“) There is no hierarchy to their edifice of knowledge concerning their societal beliefs, leaving them with faith as an invalid substitute.

The physical conflict to which I referred above will come somewhere down the line as frustration heats up eventually leading to blood in the streets of America. The anger exhibited between the various classes created by the progressive politicians has never been so vociferous as it is today. Hate and contempt between the classes is at an all time high, especially between the left and the right. As the theft and regulation of the property and lives of the taxpaying public by the State multiplies and the masses have nowhere left to turn to for help, the frustration will reach a critical level, and in anger they will attempt to fix their problems on their own and all hell will break loose—violent revolution. They might even finally realize that the very organization that they have been turning to for help is the very organization that has placed them in harm’s way—the State.

In the same manner, there is no conversing with any group if their fundamental belief systems are based upon faith. It is especially true of those who hold to the Fundamentalist arm of the Islam faith. Reason has no place in their vocabulary. Hate America, kill, maim, destroy and torture all infidels, are the slogans that drives them and they pursue it with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, no one in media or administration has the intestinal fortitude nor the understanding or wisdom to name it for what it is. Faith and force is the culprit causing the present worldwide class warfare on a domestic and international level. Security rests with the idea that no person, group or organization can make a slave of another person. Slavery consists of having to involuntarily serve the needs, wishes or wants of another, thus the term “involuntary servitude.” The method of creating slavery is faith and force. As long as faith and force are the accepted methods of dealings with one another, the peoples of the earth will never feel secure. Let’s expose it and abandon it for the evil that it is.

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