Fads and Phases

Here’s a little rule of thumb I use to navigate all the trends, buzzwords, advice, and expertise in the world:

If it seems dumb or boring, ignore it.

There’s no “must read”. There’s no “consensus opinion” to imbibe. There’s no best practices you can’t live without.

There’s just stuff. A lot of stuff. Some stuff I like, some I don’t. Some that’s useful, some that’s not. Some that adds to my stock of energy, some that drains it.

So I pick what works and forget the rest.

I have no malice for it. I make no claims about its truth or applicability to others. I just don’t make space for it in my own life, and I don’t even devote enough resources to it to provide a clear repudiation or reason why. Why would I? What a burden to be forced to provide a reasoned articulation of every abstention or predilection. I can’t die on that many hills.

So I pick what matters to me, enjoy it, use it, and keep moving.

I can’t tell you if it’s a good idea for you, but I have no regrets.