Episode 066 – Unschooling Dads Panel (2h11m)

Episode 066 features a recording from the internet show “For the Love of Learning” of a panel of unschooling dads, hosted by Laini Liberti. The panel includes Robert Gottlieb, Hamilton Carter, Skyler Collins, and Kevin Sabourin. The topics discusses range from how each dad found unschooling to what unschooling looks like in their home.

Listen to Episode 066 (2h11m, mp3, 96kbps)

Show Notes

For the Love of Learning, Episode 86, “Unschooling Dads
For the Love of Learning, “About
Laini Liberti, “Project Worldschool
Laini Liberti, RaisingMiro.com
Robert Gottlieb, “Why We Decided to Unschooling My Kids
Hamilton Carter, CopaseticFlow.blogpost.com
Skyler’s Book, Unschooling Dads
Kevin Sabourin, Rethinking Everything Conference


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