Don’t Get Complacent

I feel like a SHTF event is imminent. Notice I don’t say I think it is, rather it’s just a feeling. Possibly triggered by the upcoming election.

I don’t have a crystal ball. I’m almost definitely wrong.

If you can see it coming, it’s not going to happen. That’s almost a guarantee.

Just like the Coronapocalypse came at us out of nowhere, triggered by unexpected government overreactions to a fairly normal virus, a more serious event will also be a surprise. Consider the Coronapanic a practice run. It should have shown you the holes in your preps if you were paying attention.

I lucked out with the panicdemic because I was ready. Well, maybe it wasn’t completely luck; I’ve prepped for years “just in case”, and it finally paid off. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see it coming when it finally happened, and I didn’t. But it didn’t matter because I stay ready all the time– and I have done so since well before the Y2K fizzle. I intend to be just as ready, if not more ready, the next time something comes along.

Now, even though governments are still desperate to fan the flames of concern with regard to Covid-19, most people (excepting raging government-supremacists) are over it.

It would be easy to breathe a sigh of relief now and let the prepping slide. It’s hard to keep up with it all the time. Other things seem more pressing during the calm after the storm. I can’t let myself fall into that trap, even if it means I am at odds with those around me. After the storm is also– in every instance– before another storm. This isn’t going to be the exception.

I feel an internal pressure to keep up the preps. I’m going to listen to it even if I look silly for doing so.

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