Don’t Forget to Breathe

When you run out of breath, you can no longer run.

When you can no longer run, you have to rest in order to catch your breath.

Rest is what makes running possible.

Running gets you where you want to go. Resting reinforces where, how, and why you’re running. Without the grounding that rest provides, you’d eventually run yourself into the ground.

Some people need to be told “Go!” Others need to be reminded of the “Ready, Set…” part that comes before it.

The world needs your contribution, but your contribution needs the clear and composed state of mind that only resting can provide.

When it comes to your dreams, “move fast and break things” but don’t forget to breathe.

If the willingness to take a chance is the key to success, then the mindfulness to take a breath is the keychain that holds all the important things together.