Donation Jingle 003 – Patrick from the Northwest (1m43s)

Donation Jingle 003 is an original jingle by Phil Eger for a donation by Patrick from the Northwest. Get your jingle by donating via the links on the right side of Everything-Voluntary.com.

Listen to Donation Jingle 003 (1m43s, mp3, 128kbps)

Show Notes

Lyrics: (Everything Voluntary is filmed in front of a live audience.)
Patrick Mangan, you’re awesome.
I’m glad to know that you are a fan.
I’ve got a nice jingle for you to hear.
You’re the man. Patrick Man Gan-ges River?
Indiana? No, that’s wrong.
Pat Mangan, we really want to hang out with you.
Ahh, Pat Mangan
I sense that he likes riding bikes around his town on Tuesday.
So we might take a flight to the northwest to thank you!
I heard Patrick Mangan has the same cheek bones as Brad Pitt.
And was looking so good when he was riding his bike around the northwest.
You know that Patrick Mangan is the best.
Wait a minute. If he’s from the northwest, that’s where Bigfoot’s from!
Wait a minute…
What if HE is Bigfoot?
Like, what if Bigfoot listens to the show and donated under the pseudonym ‘Patrick Mangan’?
Do you think we could get him on?
That would be an amazing get!
Patrick Mangan is Bigfoot!
(And the world needs to know.)
Patrick Mangan is Bigfoot!
(We HAVE to get him on the show.)
All of the cryptozoological community might start listening and then we can get donations from them!


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