Definitely Not a Nazi

Maybe there’s more smoke than fire here — after all, the news media love things that are bizarre, ugly, and outrageous — but it does seem that during the past year or so, a lot of white guys who formerly identified themselves as libertarians have put on their Klan garb and picked up their tiki torches, if only symbolically on social media and their obscure podcasts, and proclaimed their Nazism so that all the world will witness their villainy and quake at the sight of their monstrous stupidity.

In view of the confusion that has been created by this development, I feel that I owe it to my fans, all three of them (at least, I had three, but I heard a rumor that one of them died a few years ago), to state publicly exactly where I stand on my Nazism or the lack thereof. And the plain truth is that I am definitely not a Nazi except in regard to grammar. So, to all my decent FB friends who were preparing to denounce me, I say: chill, amigos, chill. I am not, neither now nor later, going to come out of that particular closet.