David Feige: The Untouchable Sex Offender Registry (1h28m)

This episode features an interview of lawyer, legal commentator, author, and filmmaker David Feige from 2017 by Thaddeus Russell, host of the Unregistered Podcast. The 800,000 registered sex offenders in the United States live under a totalitarian regime. They are legally barred from living in large portions of the country and denied access to employment, housing, and public spaces. Their movements and even their thoughts are monitored and controlled by law enforcement officers. Their names and faces are reported to the public, and vigilante groups hound them out of their homes. They are considered by nearly everyone in America to be the worst and most dangerous creatures in the world. Feige considers this “the darkest part of the criminal justice system” and made a film about it, which can be seen here. Purchase books by David Feige on Amazon here.

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