Dangerous Followers

I don’t need a president, so I don’t support presidential candidates. However, from observation, I have a suspicion about the future based on how I expect the followers of those candidates to behave in case of a loss. Or a “win”.

I believe a Trump win in the upcoming election would be safer for me, personally, than a Biden win. It’s just based on feelings and I could well be wrong. I hope I’m not since I also believe Trump will win.

Notice I said I “believe” all the above, not “think” or know”.

I believe if Trump wins, the “other side” will riot and do its best to destroy everything it can, as fast as it can. Since I am far from any big cities, with their largely disarmed populations (at least, among the less aggressive residents) I am not scared for my own safety if/when this happens. I also believe the riots will be quashed by armed suburbanites before they could reach me. And since I’m in a backwater, off any beaten path, it would be hard for them to get to me unless it was intentional.

I see in the anti-Trumpers a mob with a willingness to hurt and kill people they don’t believe are fully on “their side”. And I’m not.

On the other hand, I don’t believe Trump supporters would burn cities if Kamala Harris, in the person of Joe Biden, wins. They’ll probably be angry and claim it wasn’t a legitimate election (as if that’s even a thing). If Harris’/Biden’s more radical supporters are able to influence them– and they must believe they’ll be able to– I’ll be personally harmed by the anti-gun legislation they’ll push through– more so than Trump’s anti-gun legislation (as evil as it was) managed to hurt me.

I don’t see a willingness among Trump supporters to attack people who aren’t loudly siding with the others and getting in their faces, so I don’t believe they would be much of a threat to me. Even if they know I’m not on their side. I have sat through the Pledge to Holy Pole Quilt without participating, and although I got a few dirty looks, no one threatened me as I’ve seen (on video) happen to people who were ordered by an angry mob to raise a fist and declare “black lives matter”. So, again, I feel safer with a Trump win than with a Biden win.

It could just be my bias speaking. I’ve spent more of my life around “conservatives”, and even when they disagree with me it hasn’t gone as badly as the few times I’ve disagreed with “progressives” to their faces.

I don’t believe I was the critical variable, even though I admit I usually feel more sympathy toward misguided “Right-Statists” than I do for equally misguided “Left-Statists”.

I don’t feel as strongly about the election this time around, since I haven’t had decades of personal loathing for Joe Biden like I had for Hillary Clinton. And even then I didn’t “prefer Trump” enough to v*te against Hillary.

Of course, if the “social unrest” gets bad enough, whoever the anointed ruler turns out to be, none of us will be immune. How much damage we’ll sustain remains to be seen. Interesting times, fuels by politics (which makes people stupid).