“Competent, Badass Cops” is Utter Bullshit

So the police have been given all sorts of new “legislative” powers in recent years, including being able to spy on all sorts of communications (and of course they spy in plenty of “illegal” ways too), as well as being given all sorts of weapons of war, to the point where “law enforcement” is essentially a standing army.

And that’s all for our “protection,” right? All those new agencies, all that machinery of violence, all that permission to treat everyone like criminals. Because if it makes us more secure, hell with freedom, right?

Then it takes them over an hour to get around to breaching the door of the alleged shooter in Las Vegas. That was almost 50 minutes after all the shooting had stopped. Hmmm, so maybe all the TV shows about brave, competent, badass cops …. is utter bullshit?