City Hall Laid Bear

Is there anything more telling of the state’s insidiousness when one simply offers a scenario of the hair-cropping rebel?
“I don’t care about this ruling. I’ll charge people whatever I want to charge.”
“You can’t do that because then you’ll lose your barber’s license.”
“So what? Then I’ll cut my customers’ hair without a license. I have many customers who don’t care that I have no license.”
“Then the cops will come and board up your salon, or your home if that’s where you cut hair. And if you refuse to comply, they will point a gun at you and take you to jail.”
“Just because I want to provide a service to a willing customer?”
“Hey, you can’t fight City Hall.”
Now I want to hear the hare-brained leftist justify that one. Step right up and do that for me.
Fascists, every last one of them. And not even the decency or the intellectual capacity to admit it.