Christopher Preble: War Is the Health of the State (54m)

This episode features an interview of U.S. foreign policy academic Christopher Preble from 2015 by Trevor Burrus and Aaron Powell, hosts of the Free Thoughts podcast. They ask whether there exists a single libertarian foreign policy that all libertarians would agree with; talk about the idea that war powers, resolutions, and laws passed during wartime don’t recede in times of peace; give a quick rundown of American military history; and discuss the rise of a permanent private industry supplying the military. When should the United States go to war? When did the American military really start to get massive? How much do we spend on the military today? Relative to recent history? Is the military open to the same kinds of critiques that libertarians make about other government programs?

Listen To This Episode (54m, mp3, 64kbps)

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