Cheap Tricks and Parenting Hacks

I’m not a fan of most parenting hacks or special ways to phrase stuff. Your kids can tolerate no. Your kids don’t need to be coddled or manipulated into cooperation. You shouldn’t practice slight of hand and try to distract them or focus on positivity or something. Your kids need to adapt to the world how it is. Be genuinely who you are with them as you are with others.

I don’t view respectful parenting as following tips and tricks. I view it as a set of values, and internalized beliefs. Cheap tips and parenting hacks kind of miss the point and merely teach you to think manipulatively as a parent. Sure, sometimes someone can give you an idea to phrase something in a certain way to improve your communication, but most of the time I see this in regards to kids, it is people advocating creative means of manipulating children to do something the parent desires.