We Can’t All Just Get Along

There is a nearly unlimited variety of topics about which I can disagree with someone else while still peacefully coexisting with that person. But politics is not one of them. Ever.

The reason for this is simple. My “political” position (anti-political, actually) is that aggression is wrong even when it’s called “law,” and that those who hold political power have no special rights, and no special “authority.” Anyone who disagrees with me on that necessarily advocates “legalized” aggression.

So no, when we talk about “politics,” we aren’t bickering over whether vanilla or chocolate is better; we are debating whether there should be freedom, or slavery. To condone the latter means you opposeĀ peaceful coexistence. No, we can’t “all just get along” if some of us (i.e., you) are promoting the initiation of violence against others.