Bigger & Better Than Your Bad Life

Never let your creative challenges get the last word.

Instead of making a case for your limitations, make a push for your possibilities.

Instead of defending your problems, fight like hell for your options.

If one idea doesn’t work, work your butt off for another idea.

You don’t need to beat yourself up for having issues, but you also don’t need to waste your own time by arguing for the impossibility of progress. You don’t need to blame yourself for being in a tough spot, but you also don’t need to treat your tough spot as if it’s a law of the universe.

If your challenges are exceptional, be more exceptional. If your problems are an exception to the rule, then look for the exceptional application of the rule.

Are you a bad person for having a bad life? Hell no! And that’s precisely why you need to fight like hell for your options: because deep down inside you know that you are bigger and better than your bad life.