Best To Let People Try Different Things

The best survival strategy for a society, a civilization, or a species is to let individuals try different things.

Get out of their way, even when you believe their choice will lead to certain doom. The only legitimate limit is when an action would violate the life, liberty, or property of another. In that case, the intended victim has the right to stop the violator, but otherwise, step aside.

Every choice is a fork in the road. You can’t see what’s ahead along either path. You may strongly believe one thing is, others may just as strongly believe something else is. It’s wisest to let everyone choose their own path.

The fork usually has more than two options and no expert can know which is the best path. In fact, what would be trouble for some might be perfect for you.

Don’t let political authorities dictate your choice. Yes, you may choose poorly. Others will make a different choice that works out well. The more free we are to choose, the better our species will fare.

So, let some get vaccinated and let others decline to do so. Let some wear masks, let others breathe free.

Let some people use Bitcoin, let others trade in precious metals, let others trust government fiat money, while others diversify.

Let some people work with solar energy, let others provide petroleum, and let others develop Generation IV nuclear energy.

Let those who embrace risk emigrate to Mars and let others stay on Earth.

The more variety in the paths taken, the better off we’ll all be.

One size does not fit all. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Let people choose what they believe is the best path, even when you’re sure they are wrong. Feel free to give them your reasons and then step away and don’t force them to do what you believe is best. You could be wrong. I could be wrong. It’s not good to make everyone do the exact same thing.

This is why government legislation is such a bad idea for humanity as a whole. It limits options and forces everyone down a funnel, which might lead to a really bad outcome. Even if it allows a couple of choices, those choices are artificially limited to the ones politicians like. Do you trust politicians to run your life? I don’t. Just as I don’t trust myself to run your life.

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