Bad at Logic or Intellectually Dishonest

A popular dishonest fallacy I’ve seen a lot recently is to point to an example of one individual saying or advocating something stupid or nasty, and saying, “This is what all¬†people who are _________s believe!”

For example, I was recently in a thread where a few dozen voluntaryists (including me) were arguing against another voluntaryist who said something logically and morally wrong. And yet a number of commies and/or statists decided to chime in to proclaim that the all¬†persons magically represented “anarcho-capitalists,” but for some reason all those arguing against that one didn’t represent anything.

Of course, people do this in all sorts of directions, but I’ve seen this particular fallacy used a lot recently against libertarians and anarchists in particular, almost as if it was orchestrated. Or maybe statists are just that bad at logic, or that intellectually dishonest.