ARK3 Returns, Trauma and Rage, PTSD, & Violent Parenting (1h3m) – Episode 428

Episode 428 welcomes back Alex R. Knight III to chat with Skyler on the following topics: finally making the connection between his former alcoholism and trauma he experienced in childhood and adolescence; accepting failure as okay, and not as shameful; post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by both of them; family disfunction and divorce; the roots of authoritarianism in violent (physically and psychologically/emotionally) parenting; laws against spanking; the effects of prolonged brain exposure to stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline; stress in infancy, such as “cry-it-out”; evolutionary reasons why kids protest bedtime; Skyler’s family bedroom; and more.

Article: “Adolf Hitler: How Could a Monster Succeed in Blinding a Nation?” by Alice Miller
Article: “Stress in Infancy” by Linda Palmer
Book: Parenting for a Peaceful World, Robin Grille
Article: “The Dangers of ‘Crying It Out’” by Darcia Narvaez
Article: “Why Young Children Protest Bedtime: A Story of Evolutionary Mismatch” by Peter Gray
Website: The Natural Child Project, Articles on Gentle Guidance
Website: Project NoSpank

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