Aphorisms in Honor of Liberty, Part Seven (27m) – Episode 402

Episode 402 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following aphorisms written by Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski: “A fool deplores the fact that automation destroys jobs. A person of reason delights in the fact that it makes jobs less automatic.”; “A democratic statist is someone who believes that individual liberty consists in participation in the process of collective self-enslavement.”; “A foolish egalitarian wants to empower the state to prevent the market from making the rich richer. A smart egalitarian wants to empower the market to prevent the state from keeping the poor poor.”; “Happiness is the state of letting go of all expectations while keeping the ability to wonder.”; “Aphorism: the precarious middle ground between brief banality and condensed obscurity.”; “A technocrat is someone too dull to be an inventor, too technically inept to be a scientist, too reality-averse to be an entrepreneur, and too power-hungry to be a consultant.”

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