Nobody asked but …

Is it an anthill on which you will stake your honor and your life?

Government has had a say over what we wear for a long time.  But so has management and religion and society.  In fact, the state has played a support role usually.

I am referring to decency standards, professional standards, fashions, uniforms regalia.  Very few of us goes out in the world naked.

There are myriad pressures that enforce this widespread practice — probably least of all real statist law enforcement personnel.

I have seen no political haggle regarding decency or labeling-with-costume  behaviors.

Back in the 70s, I catered to peer pressure.  I fired a guy because he wore bellbottoms to work.  I acquiesced to the firing of a young native woman because she got arrested at Wounded Knee for demonstrating.  I shudder to recall these events.

The insurance industry joined hands at the Insurance Exchange Building in the Chicago Loop to bar women who tried to wear pants suits.  I was part of that industry — early 70s.

Richard Nixon, the idiot I voted for, murdered students at Kent State University– without punishment.

So I believe the Covid19 strictures are minor league, if not imaginary.

Personal thanks to Dr. Robert Higgs for asking the question, if this is the hill on which we voluntaryists want to die?  It’s an anthill.

— Kilgore Forelle