Anarchy, Never Been Tried?

The below is an excellent six-part series exploring a number of anarchistic societies throughout the world both in the past and in the present. Written by Daniel Hawkins.

Part 1 – Moresnet (Europe)
Part 2 – Emerald Anarchy (Ireland)
Part 3 – Fire and Ice (Somalia, Iceland)
Part 4 – In the Beginning (Jericho, Çatalhöyük, Harappa)
Part 5 – Anarchy in the USA (Pennsylvania, Ohio)
Part 6 – The Living Anti-Nation (Southeast Asia)

He includes sources for further reading at the end of each essay.

UPDATE: Here’s another one, by Anthony Caprio, titled, “The Anarchist Republic of Cospaia“.

UPDATE: And another one, by Chantal K. Saucier, titled, “Acadia: Peaceful, Prosperous, Stateless