An Indignity We Cannot Bear

I find the agenda and actions of the Democrats despicable.

I find the agenda and actions of the Republicans despicable.

What can a decent American do?

Well, not much to alter the big picture. But one can take various actions to save oneself and those he loves. I chose to emigrate from the USA as it sinks ever deeper into the depths of its own characteristic form of police state. For various reasons, this response is not for everyone. Some say they prefer to stick around and go down fighting, but futile martyrdom does not appeal to me. Dying at the hands of some moronic cop enforcing an idiotic law — or just enjoying some murderous sport — seems a poor way to go. And even if one is not slain, living subject to such foul treatment as the U.S. state now dishes out to everyone outside its upper reaches is an indignity to that some of us cannot bear.