A Prediction About The Fate of Healthcare in America

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Now that State-run or State-controlled healthcare has become an accepted premise by both sides of the political aisle and by most of the populace, the future of health care is easy to predict.

America has taken the advice of Nancy Pelosi and passed the Obamacare legislation in order to “see what’s in it” and brother we sure found out. So it needs either improvement or it needs to be replaced. The Left, if it remains in power, will look for ways to improve its disastrous faux pas so it will pass more stringent legislation resulting in a worsening of the situation and greater tyranny. The Right will try to repeal Obamacare and replace it with their “new” form of healthcare. If they fail to repeal it they will be forced to join the Left and also attempt to improve it. However, no matter which form it takes, doctors will remain employees of the State resulting in greater dissatisfaction amongst the entire profession. Be aware that under a socialized medicine system, it’s not medicine or healthcare that is being socialized. It’s doctors and hospitals that are involuntarily being made employees of the State—no choice. As more and more doctors drop out of the system and as more and more inefficiency results in poor medical care and medical mishaps, the State will then pass legislation whereby the State will pay for the education of all doctors in order to control the situation and entice more people to go into the medical profession to replace those who have left. After all, who can resist “free” medical education? Of course all this “free” medical care and “free” medical education will come with a cost—a great cost.

The final result will be a one-payer healthcare system—a State-run, State-controlled, State owned system, which is what the Left wanted in the first place. Presently, the wealthy in foreign countries run to the USA for their serious medical care. Once America has a one-payer system there will be no place to run. Be aware, you tyrants of the Right. In the long run, your healthcare system will be worse than what we have gotten from the Left. It’s too late for the Right, even if it wanted to make our healthcare system voluntary, since its members and the majority of the population want coercion to rule the practice of medicine. The Right will give its new coercive and non-voluntary system a name that has the word “free” or “voluntary” in its title in the same manner that unaffordable Obamacare has the word “affordable” in its title. But be sure that the Right’s version will be just as enslaving as Obamacare, if not worse. In the future, America’s healthcare system will be one massive, bureaucratic, corrupt, inefficient and dangerous Medicaid program. What a future!

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