A Brilliant President

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It’s quite evident to me that Barack Obama is a brilliant President. He has his goals and continues to press onward towards those goals. He ran on a “need for change” policy. Change is what he seeks. His goal is to “change” this country into a replica of countries like Cuba, Sweden, and the old Soviet Union. That’s his goal. With that in mind, he is using methods, which are conducive to success. He must and does understand the basic principles of Economics 101, and in spite of that knowledge, continues to try to pass legislation that contradicts those very principles. What else can be the explanation for his contrary behavior?

His goal is to make the citizens of this country beholden to the central government for most of their needs. It is right out in the open for all to see, if they look. Although he is betraying the spirit of the American Revolution, he thinks that that spirit is hackneyed and needs to be discarded. He understands that the only methods he has at his disposal are the same methods used by all of the tyrants of history—coercion, theft, cheating, lying, and corruption through the voting booth plus branding his opponents with opprobrious words such as terrorists, racists and unpatriotic. Doesn’t it look familiar? Those are the same tactics used by Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Castro, Hitler, and Mussolini. His brilliance is in the fact that he presents his ideas in a kindly, soft-soap manner along with an appeal to decency. His form of communo-fascism is just a “softer” tyranny, so that the people don’t feel the actual whips on their backs—yet. Economic instability, increased poverty, a devastating healthcare system, an increase in criminal activity, shortages in everything and eventual riots in the streets are in the cards as a result of his policies, and that is what he wants.

To summarize, Obama cannot possibly not know, (must know):

  • Minimum wage laws create unemployment.
  • Regulation of industry adds to the cost of industry so that there is less money to pay towards wages and therefore, creates more unemployment.
  • Rent control creates slums.
  • An increase of welfare payments creates more welfare recipients.
  • Government cannot create jobs.
  • One cannot get out of debt by spending more.
  • Keynesian economics has been proven to be wrong in theory and in practice.
  • When more money is placed into circulation its value cheapens, thus raising prices.
  • The reason why America thrived from 1787 until about 1880 is because the basic principles of the founding fathers were practiced.
  • Something cannot be gotten for nothing. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
  • There is no global warming to the extent that it threatens our survival.
  • To reduce our dependence upon foreign oil we must develop our own domestic oil at lightening speed or we will suffer the consequences. Government must give the oil developers and producers free reign.
  • Social Security and Medicare are bankrupt.
  • When government subsidizes anything it gets more of that which is being subsidized.

The list is endless. What could be the only explanation for Obama’s refusal to see the reality of the situation? The answer is he wants to see America go down on its knees in bankruptcy so that his view of a one-world dictatorship comes to fruition, with him or his cronies in charge. His Leftist supporters do not see that “the emperor is naked” and thus follow him down the pied piper’s road to destruction while singing his praises. Yes, you can fool most of the people most of the time. He is brilliant.